What is the Doral Junior Classic?

by Brian Giacomello 06/07/2020

Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay

If there’s anything Florida is known for besides the weather and water, it’s the game of golf. The sun shines almost all the time, giving you time to play through those rounds on the golf course. For avid golfers, this is a dream come true. Even if you don’t know how to golf, when living in Florida, there’s a good chance you’ll want to learn. Sporting events are plentiful. One popular tournament is the Doral Junior Classic usually held in December of each year when the weather is sunny but mild.  

Why is the Doral Junior Classic Popular?

The Doral Junior Classic is the premier golfing event for kids under the age of 18. The tournament is broken into categories by age for both male and female golfers, it’s exciting seeing who’s slated to be the next big thing. With over 600 junior golfers from over 45 countries, this event benefits The First Tee of Miami. These young golfers compete on the same golfing green as the major golfers, gaining exposure and education on the process. It’s a family-friendly venue where other parents can connect while watching their children perform or receive training.

The event has a number of college scouts and recruiters on hand, so it is also a great opportunity to see how recruiters work to pick talent for their organizations. Fortunately, Florida strongly supports golf training for the younger generation, opening doors early on in their budding aspirations to becoming golfing greats. Even if you aren’t a golf enthusiast, it’s a good way to become acclimated with the sport without being completely immersed into the competitive adult set. After all, supporting youth activities is always a great way to give back, right?

Architecture and More

One of the most unique things about Miami is that every community has its own style of homes and designs. The Doral Hotel and Resort is an iconic property in Miami with beautiful architecture. It is located in the beautiful city of Doral, where major corporations, as well as beautiful homes, share the area.

While the Doral Junior Classic hosts talented young golfers from across the world, keep an eye out for celebrities and other notable officials on the golf green, you never know who you may see!

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